Locked Groove - Various - Trunculence (Vinyl)

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  1. Jan 13,  · I have been scouring the internet in an effort to better understand how vinyl is cut and what the groove actually looks like, and therefore tracks like. This is what I think I have learned. A record cutter is a 90 degree V-shaped chisel that undulates back and forth and up and down and in so doing cuts vertical tracks into the sides of the.
  2. Various - Bassmæssage Volume One - Bassmæssage - 12" You have no items in your shopping cart.
  3. Locked groove on side B has some vocals recorded backwards so it sounds a bit creepy. Unlike most of the others this doesn't repeat the last notes of the final song, it was actually something specifically recorded for just the inner groove. GYBE - F#A# infinity - locked groove on Side B repeats the last few notes of Providence forever.
  4. Paste (magazine) - "As both a singer and rhythm master, Cedric is always locked in and never fussy." Disc 1 1. We Made It 2. Get Your Groove On 3. Please Tell Me Baby 4. Typical Day 5. Give It to You 6. Hard to Stay Cool 7. Don't Leave Me Girl 8. Death Bell Blues 9. There Is So Much Call on Me I'm Hurtin' Ain't Gonna Take No Mess.
  5. RRR is just locked grooves by artists. The needle must be manually placed on each groove to hear it. I have owned two of these albums for years and I don't believe I have heard every track. Once, when I had two turntables and some housemates I fucking hated, I put on two different grooves at full volume, locked my door, and left for.
  6. Red vinyl editions come with a 44 page booklet, black vinyl editions come with a 16 page booklet, all in full varnish, thick gatefold jackets. Copies are shipping now! Excerpt: Civil War (No Part of It) is a literal civil war on the senses, ears versus mouth, mind versus heart, .
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