Stand Clear (Of The Closing Doors) - Matt Renzi - The Cave (CD, Album)

9 thoughts on “ Stand Clear (Of The Closing Doors) - Matt Renzi - The Cave (CD, Album)

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  3. "Stand Clear (of the Closing Doors)" sounds like a typical New York catchphrase, doesn't it? Renzi gives this one a thrilling undercurrent that is driven by all three artists with a casual attitude. Like New York, the piece is busy and filled with a never-ending flurry of saxophone notes. Renzi's impressions provide a warm homecoming for his.
  4. This post is for my friends Danny (Drag-Net) and Todd (honcho), enjoy! Richard The Million Dollar Quartet - recorded live on December 4, (Please see video for song track nam.
  5. Wherever I travel, I seem to take photographs of unusual objects. But doors, for some reason, seem to be a constant theme for me. Is there a Freudian reason for this fascination? Maybe because we, the human race, use doors to control access to ourselves, our lives, our thoughts and indeed our very existence. Doors, I guess, are like the human mind.
  6. In Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Ricky overhears a person on the subway declaring his intention to vote for Romney due to his nostalgia for The '80s, when things were cheaper. Jokes "When I was a kid, my mother would send me down to the corner store with a dollar, and I'd come back with five pounds of potatoes, two loaves of bread, three.
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  8. "From reedman Matt Renzi's wanderlust comes The Cave, music inspired by a four-year period when the musician lived in Japan, New York, India, and Italy. On this approachable trio effort, Renzi and company have crafted a sound that walks a line between the familar and the exotic, a music full of cool tones and wandering melodies.
  9. Jul 24,  · Wooden Cave, written for outsiders like Netta, radiates with a sonic glow that harkens back to ‘70s-era studio obsessives, familiar and surprising in equal measure, like a face from a dream. CDs + Vinyl: The Acacia Strain – Slow Decay CD/LP (Rise) The Acacia Strain are often referred to as the heaviest band around.

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