Pot, Pint Or Schooner

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  1. Ask for a pot, instead. And they’ll also look at you askance if you ask for a schooner in either Melbourne or Perth. And in Adelaide, if you want a midi, ask for a schooner. If you want a schooner, ask for a pint.
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  4. Schooner ml 15 ounces New South Wales and A.C.T. Schooner ml 15 ounces Northern Territory Schooner ml 15 ounces Victoria Schooner ml 15 ounces Western Australia Schooner ml 15 ounces Queensland. Pint ml 15 ounces South Australia Pint ml 20 ounces New South Wales Pint ml 20 ounces A.C.T. Pint ml 20 ounces Victoria.
  5. Jul 19,  · The term “schooner” is fairly consistently used across Australia for a mL beer, but in Adelaide asking for a “schooner” will get you what’s considered a pot or middy elsewhere (mL). The confusion doesn’t end there. Should you ask for a “pint” in Adelaide, you’ll receive what’s known as a “schooner” everywhere sigzahlcirlniggviwanotenteecabikovs.coinfo: Graham Frizzell.
  6. Mar 05,  · In New York, a “schooner” refers to a glass smaller than a pint. I don’t know of there being a standard size. “Pint” generally refers to a 16 oz American pint, but some bars also have 20 oz “Imperial” pint glasses. The 16 oz American pint is so close to a half .
  7. glass sizes vary. people share drinks (e.g. jugs, casks or bottles of alcohol) glasses are topped up by other people. Regular beer (% alcohol) Container Amount Standard drinks 1 middy or pot ml standard drinks 1 can or stubbie ml standard drinks.
  8. Of course Adelaide, once again, is an entirely different world unto itself here. It’s a mystical, balls-over-tit land where a pint is a schooner, a schooner is a pot, and there’s a fair chance if.

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