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  1. Space Captain: Captain of Space! (79) IMDb 1h 29min ALL Our only hope is Rocky Lazer (the world's greatest pilot, athlete, marksman, sword-fighter, crooner, and beast-tamer).Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi.
  2. Aug 31,  · Jeff Sproul’s hilariously campy “Space Captain: Captain of Space!,” from No Tea Productions, employs hokey video effects and a bombastic style to lampoon s sci-fi serials.
  3. JOURNEY! through the far reaches of outer space aboard the awe-inspiring X-1 Rocketship! SEE! distant planets and weird alien creatures! CHEER! as Rocky Lazer and Jean Jarvis explore the viability of a romantic relationship while being shot at with ray-guns! .
  4. Nov 06,  · Space Captain is a Superhero that protects earth from evil that constantly wants to destroy the earth. Help him accomplish that in one of the most exciting free shooting games. SHOOTER GAMES WITH LOTS OF FIRE & OBSTACLES The Space Captain needs to constantly fly and shoot different obstacles. Move him around and help him avoid the obstacles Content Rating: Everyone.
  5. Space Captain's songs: Listen to songs by Space Captain on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by Space Captain.
  6. Space Pirate Captain McCallery's crew has mutinied and left him stranded on a remote planet in this Low-Poly 3D Action-Adventure game. He must explore a strange and harsh world, battle alien lifeforms, search for food, and ultimately find a way to get back to space! Space Captain McCallery Episode 1 is a self-contained adventure on an alien world.8/10(17).
  7. Set in the innocent black-and-white world of 's serial adventure stories like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Space Captain: Captain of Space is a modern, smart sci-fi comedy.
  8. "Space Captain" Once while traveling across the sky This lovely planet caught my eye And being curious I flew close by And now I'm caught here Until I die Until we die Until we die Learning to live together Learning to live together Learning to live together Till we die I lost my memory of where I've been.

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